Sione Amidu
Sunday News reporter
Bible Society of Zimbabwe and Nkomwa Foundation Trust recently handed over wheel
chairs, crutches and groceries to rural communities in Gwanda.

The organisations handed over 10 wheel chairs, one pair of crutches, one walker, sugar,
mealie meal, cooking oil and salt among other food items. The donations were made to
communities in Gwanda urban, Gwanda North and Gwanda South.
The director of Nkomwa Foundation Trust, Mr Pick Nkomwa, said they decided to
collaborate with Bible Society to help the under privileged.
“The relationship we have with BSZ is beyond an ordinary collaboration, we are now
family. When Nkomwa Foundation Trust was established , the journey started in looking
for like minded organisations in the sector, it is common knowledge that online
relationships are not usually successful but here we are with a totally different story. It
all started with a single picture on Facebook when l saw BSZ handing over a wheelchair
to a disabled child. I am sure the Bible does not allow one to envy a neighbor’s house or
anything but my envy was in the positive way and brought better results. It all started
this year, its a less than six months relationship” he said.

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