Matabeleland rural leaders continue receiving disability capacitation

Matabeleland rural leaders continue receiving disability capacitation

Disability capacitation participants in Gwanda ward17. Pic Choice News Africa

March 4, 2024

 By Choice Magazine

Choice News Africa Correspondent

Gwanda – The Matabeleland South Province Disability organisation, Nkomwa Foundation Trust (NFT) recently intensifies its training in disability capacitation around Gwanda rural wards, including the ward 17 training on sensitisation.

The workshop was convened at Manama community hall and targeting the community leadership that consist of traditional leaders, councillors, village health workers, child protection committee, local peace committee members and government representatives among others.

Ward 17 capacitation training in progress. Pic Choice News Africa

The objective of the workshop was to inform the community leaders ondisability issues, disability parenting and disability mainstreaming in community activities and decision making processes.

The study report of 2021 by Trocaire and its consortiums revealed symptoms of exclusion that are pervasive among people who are poor and persons with disabilities in communities. Exclusion manifests in unequal access to resources, unequal participation and denial of opportunities.

These symptoms manifest differently and in different intensities for the non-disabled poor communities and persons with disabilities.

Consequently, exclusion has resulted in inability to access justice, information, duty bearers, inaccessible services, inability to access the built environment and systemic poverty.

These gaps among others are necessitating the disability capacitation of communities by Nkomwa Foundation Trust that has truly and effectively penetrated most of Matabeleland rural areas.

One participant Mandlenkosi Ncube who works with vulnerable groups in the society decried lack of knowledge.

“This is my first time to receive such knowledge. I never thought that persons with disabilities need to be attending community meetings. I just know that we need ukhuthi sibabhale bahole ukudla. I am really appreciating this capacitation.” Said Ncube.

The ward councillor Ntuthuko Nyathi expressed his gratitude for the capacitation and was also ecstatic.

“I would like to express that our ward was lagging behind in disability information and all were unaware how we can include the disability sector in the community development work. This is the first engagement to have such an organisation in our ward.

I appeal to NFT that they continue capacitating the leadership, parents, caregivers and general community members with this and our ward will embrace the inclusivity approach and leave no one behind.” Added Nyathi.

“Persons with disabilities face unique and peculiar challenges as a result of poverty, discrimination and stigma. The harmful cultural practices that affect persons with disabilities and their low standing in society makes it crucial for disability capacitation to community leaders as gatekeepers. As an institution, we are glad with the community uptake of our programs. ” Said Pick Nkomwa, NFT founding Director.

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