NFT extends operations to Beitbridge district

NFT extends operations to Beitbridge district

Pic by Choice News Africa

March 16, 2024

 By Choice Magazine

Choice News Africa Correspondent

Beitbridge – Matabeleland South Province based Non-Profit Organisation, Nkomwa Foundation Trust (NFT) has extended its disability program to Beitbridge district, in an effort to expand their outreach to persons with disabilities.

With support from Ministry of local government (District Development Coordinators Office, Department of Social Development , Beitbridge Rural District Council and Ministry of Youth, they conducted disability sensitisation and profiling of persons with disabilities in Beitbridge rural communities Wards 5, 6 and 15.

Beitbridge beneficiaries of the NFT disability outreach program. Pic Choice News Africa

During the programme, 93 persons with disabilities were assisted with mealie meal and relevant information on disability sensitization.

These were some of the efforts meant to cushion the disability community in the wake of the El Nino induced drought. The tireless NFT would not watch the deteriorating situation without throwing one or two words of advice to their people.

The intervention was conducted at village-based approach to ensure Persons with Disabilities do not travel long distances to the meeting venue. Such considerations are key to ensure persons with disabilities fully participate on community activities.

According to NFT team, community leadership are welcoming the disability programming within their communities.

Speaking to Choice News Africa, Ward 5 Councillor Rabson Mbedzi, he said, “We have a number of persons with disabilities in our area and we hope this programming will benefit them. We are ready to embrace the inclusion mantra as soon as possible.” He said.

NFT Director Pick Nkomwa could not hide his joy during the meeting of disability community in the district.

“It is like a dream that in our fourth year of operation, we are meeting our friends in these communities. I am in cloud nine and our interactions in three wards were fruitful. There are a number of gaps that still need to be addressed to achieve the social inclusion we envisage.

Issues such as systemic discrimination, social exclusion and increased rate of poverty as well as risk of violence and abuse, particularly for women, girls and older people with disabilities require urgent address.” Nkomwa said.

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